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Little brother swoops in to save sister during wrestling match

Tag-team wrestling is something we typically see in the WWE, but one little boy in Indiana must have missed the message.

He bravely stepped in to help his older sister who was competing in a wrestling match. The protective little guy seemed to mistake the match for a real fight and boy, did he come through for big sis.

The video started out with the girl and her opponent learning the basics of wrestling. Her opponent got the better of her for just a second before little bro came flying in to help.

He yelled something unintelligible — hey, he was angry, OK? — before tackling his sister’s opposition. The ref quickly pulled him away and his dad came in to take him off the mat.

Of course, the crowd loved it. Everyone had a good laugh.

At the end of the video, the little girl wound up losing the match but we’re guessing her brother was proud of her all the same.

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