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‘Star Wars’ trailer reveals new location, creature never before seen

SALT LAKE CITY — Thought you’d seen everything for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” already? Think again.

A new international trailer for the film found its way online this week. The trailer specifically references China’s opening day, with the country having to wait until January before it hits theaters there.

As Uproxx noted, there’s not a lot of new material in the trailer, except for a scene at the two-minute mark.

At that moment, viewers can briefly see (spoilers!) creatures called Fathiers, which are basically fancy space horses, Uproxx reported.

And it seems the Star Wars characters make their way to a planet called Canto Bight, according to The Hollywood Reporter. describes Canto Bight as “a casino city and playground for the galaxy’s ultra-rich … filled with casinos, racetracks, and other expensive distractions.”

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