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Bud Light tells brewery to stop making ‘dilly dilly’ beer in funny video

The latest joke to take the internet by storm is “dilly dilly,” a salute that originated in a popular Bud Light commercial.

It’s gotten so much traction online that Modist Brewing Company in Minneapolis decided to make a double IPA and call it, you guessed it, Dilly Dilly.

Rather than take the mightier-than-thou path of writing a stern cease-and-desist letter, Bud Light decided to have a little fun when it asked Modist to stop using the name.

The beer giant sent an actor dressed as a town crier who read Bud Light’s request off a scroll, a reference to the original commercial’s medieval setting. It didn’t ask the smaller brewery to pull the beer or anything drastic, just to stop using the name soon.

“Let it be known that any beer served between friends is a fine beer indeed and we are duly flattered by your loyal tribute,” the crier said. “However, ‘dilly dilly’ is the motto of our realm so we humbly ask that you keep this to a limited-edition, one-time-only run.”

The crier said “additional scrolls” would follow if Modist didn’t cooperate, followed by a formal warning and, should it reach that level, a “private tour of the pit of misery.”

Bud Light asked that the brewery respond with a raven, letter or e-mail.

The crier also saved the best news for last: He announced that Bud Light would give two employees tickets — erm, thrones — to the upcoming Super Bowl as a sign of good will and would even throw in some beers for good measure.

Dilly dilly!

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