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Little girl gets big surprise after first time seeing her father without a beard

Children say the darnedest things. But sometimes, they don’t say anything at all.

Take this little girl, for example.

She was just going about her day, playing like young kids do, when all the sudden her mom directed her attention to a strange man.

But that man ended up being her father — just without a beard! The young girl was noticeably shocked and silent — and even ran to her mom for help.

YouTube user cgriesemer posted the video, which was appropriately titled “First Time Seeing Daddy Without A Beard,” on Wednesday and it already had more than 16,000 views. 

And if you were wondering what the man looked like with a beard, the user also posted a “before” video of him ahead of getting a shave.

Luckily, the two reconciled and the little girl eventually learned that the man was in fact her father. But the journey, nevertheless, was a sight to see.

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