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Hallmark event in Manhattan helps spread the holiday spirit

Producing warm and fuzzy feelings for all sorts of occasions has been a hallmark of, well, Hallmark. The card company sponsored an event in midtown Manhattan to help share some love this holiday season.

As posted on Improv Everywhere’s Facebook page, the event shows loved ones and friends writing messages to each other on hallmark cards and then passing them through a “magical mail” slot.

When the messages are read aloud, they are seen being transcribed on a large monitor overhead for everyone around to see.

The monitor is even able to transcribe the messages in the sender’s original handwriting. Most of the messages contain words of love and affection.

One message read, “When I’m not with you, I miss you. When I’m with you, its blissful.”

Another said, “You are my universe, and everything in it!”

What would you write to your loved one in front of all Manhattan to see?

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