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Video captures removal of massive hornet’s nest in Louisiana

A YouTube video is generating quite the buzz on the popular streaming website — literally.

A channel by the name of Stinger Creations published a series of videos this past week that captured the moment a massive hornet’s nest was removed from a small structure in Patterson, LA.

The channel’s founder, Jude, is described as a bee keeper and cattle farmer from southern Louisiana.

Jude is heard describing the nest as the “granddaddy” of them all, as the size of the European Yellow Jackets home towers over a full-sized basketball nearby.

In the opening moments of the first video, he approaches the massive hornet’s nest, drawing the attention of some of its inhabitants who quickly start to defend the nest. Luckily, Jude shows that he is wearing his bee keeper attire, not exposing any skin to the hornets.

The noise level of the buzzing raises as Jude starts to remove objects from around the nest, further agitating the hornets.

Frequently, the hornets land on the lens of the GoPro being used to film, causing tapping like noises one could only assume to be the stingers attempting to pierce the camera.

As more debris is lifted from the nest, Jude discovers one of the queens, which quickly attempts to hide as more hornets emerge.

Eventually, the entire nest is removed and separated on the ground.

Viewers are given a closer look at the nest that engulfed multiple objects within the shed.

The videos themselves total just over 11 minutes in length, but the nest removal took about 45 minutes in real-time. Between the four videos there has been just under 1.4 million views, a large feat for a YouTube channel with just under 600 subscribers and seven total videos on the channel.

For more information and to watch other videos captured by Jude visit the Stinger Creations YouTube page.

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