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Russian man meets son he didn’t know he had in touching video

On the banks of the White Sea and the Northern Dvina River, a man found an unthinkable bond that once seemed impossible and the moment was captured in a touching video.

It was 2013. The man, Sasha, met his birth father for the first time and the two immediately embraced on a cold day in Arkhangelsk, Russia.

His father, Misha, was overwhelmed and couldn’t stop smiling at the sight of his son.

“Sasha, I am very thankful for you for just being you,” Misha said. “You found me at last and you did it by yourself. I will say it again, I didn’t know about your existence. So, I would like to thank you so much.”

In 2015, Misha took time to meet his son’s foster parents and hugged them like he was part of the family all along.

“My family has grown bigger,” Sasha said. “And of course, Misha is a part of that.”

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