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Piano prodigy stuns 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley with musical gift

All it took was four notes.

Alma Deutscher showed off her musical prowess to 60 Minutes’ Scott Pelley, leaving him awestruck.

It all started when the young composer asked Pelley to choose four notes at random from a hat.

After the four notes where selected, Deutscher’s brain went to work, trying to piece together the randomness into a soothing melody.

She obviously succeeded.

In a matter of seconds she started playing a song like she knew it from heart to Pelley’s disbelief.

According to Deutscher, her improvisation is something that cannot be repeated — even for her — but she can still pick up some of the melodies she created and keep them in her notebook for future reference.

“I can’t remember everything I did in this improvisation,” Deutscher told Pelley when asked if anyone will hear that specific song again. “I can never remember the whole improvisation; no I can never, ever, ever remember.”

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