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Chance The Rapper plays clueless hockey reporter in SNL skit

Need something to pick you up on this Sunday afternoon?

Chance The Rapper made his first appearance as a host on ‘Saturday Night Live’ this weekend and boy, did he deliver the laughs.

The Chicago-based artist, whose real name is Chancelor Jonathan Bennett, did not hold back on his performance, stealing the spotlight from beginning to end.

Chance had several notable skits, such as one where he serenaded former President Barack Obama (and fellow Chicago native) in a Boyz II Men-esque ballad and another where he accused Batman of racial profiling.

But by far the skit that made the most headlines on Sunday was one where he played Lazlo Holmes, a courtside reporter for the New York Knicks who was forced to cover a Rangers game when his coworker left on paternity leave.

Chance portrayed Lazlo as a clueless hockey reporter, who failed to pronounce names, could not detail specifics about the game and, most important, did not prepare for the ice-cold rink.

Even the National Hockey League got a kick out of it.

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