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Mac Watson of ‘Mac and Gaydos’ shares story of adopting children

LISTEN: Adoptive Parents First Holliday Season

Ahead of National Adoption Day tomorrow, one of KTAR News 92.3 FM‘s hosts shared his own story about adopting his children and his excitement about welcoming in the holiday season with his kids.

Mac Watson, one of the hosts of Mac and Gaydos, said he and his wife decided to start fostering children earlier this year after hearing other parents’ stories with foster care and adoption.

Watson said they welcomed the first foster children into their home in April and formally adopted them several weeks ago — which he said is rare for the process to happen so quickly.

Watson said he and his wife adopted their children through Child Crisis Arizona, a state-funded agency. In order to become foster parents, he said they had to go through months of formal training, including CPR.

Watson said he is staying practical about the process because of what many kids in the foster care system have had to endure in their lives — but his wife is not buying it.

“She said, ‘Be prepared,'” he said. “She busted me on this, she goes, ‘You may start crying.'”

From a child’s first steps and first words to them just coming home and saying they have had a good day, Watson said parenting can be emotional.

“I’ve got to stop crying at stuff,” he said.

Watson said he is entering the holiday season cautiously with his children in an effort to get them used to a new normal.

“Christmas could be absolutely horrible for these kids, we don’t know that yet,” he said.

But despite the possible challenges, Watson said he and his wife are more than ready to welcome their children into their holiday traditions.

“This is our first Christmas with kids,” he said. “This is our first Christmas with two children we didn’t know a year ago. It doesn’t get more special than that.”

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