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Moo-ve over! Cows disgruntled after bassist plays ‘Seinfeld’ theme song

A bass guitarist got a pretty cold reception when he started to play his instrument near a field recently.

His audience was so disgruntled, they ran away.

A YouTube video showed the man, armed with a bass guitar and an amplifier, standing near a fence of a cow pasture.

Almost as soon as the man started to play, about a dozen cows weren’t having it. They started taking off about three seconds into the video.

If you listen close, the “moo” sound could be a loud “boo.”

The bass solo, a guitar riff, is the “Seinfeld” theme song and has garnered more than 425,000 views as of Saturday night. One comment from a viewer replied, “Fun Fact: Cow(s) also can’t stand the show, ‘Seinfeld.'”

But almost a half of a million views isn’t too bad for a lack of audience support.

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