Auto retailer makes big offer for Honda that appeared in funny video

Nov 11, 2017, 12:54 PM

After a Los Angeles film director made a funny video in an attempt to sell his girlfriend’s old car, an auto retailer has responded with a video of its own to make an offer.

CarMax released a video on their YouTube channel on Thursday, putting up a whopping $20,000 for the nearly 20-year-old vehicle… But the offer isn’t quite that simple.

“With our same-price-for-everyone policy, we can’t — nay, won’t — get into a bidding war for the car,” a person in the CarMax video said. “But believe me when I tell you that your commercial has left a 1996 Honda Accord-sized hole in our heart, and we won’t rest until we’ve filled it.”

The speaker went on to explain that while CarMax wouldn’t pay anything more than a typical price for the old Honda, they would offer big money for other items that appeared in the video: $5,000 for a cat, $3,500 for a coffee pot, $2,000 for a coffee mug and other ridiculous bids.

They “rounded up” the total offer for the car and other accessories to $20,000.

In a humorous touch, Carmax included this paragraph of “fine print” at the end of their video:

Legal Disclaimer: At CarMax, we buy all the cars. But usually not all the stuff inside them. It’s just that this guy made a really great video and now the car isn’t enough. Now we must have everything or we’ll be up all night, staring at the ceiling, thinking about what might have been. So, we’ll gladly buy your car in a no-hassle manner but we’re going to pass on all the stuff inside unless you make a really great video like they did and then we’ll think about it but the answer is still probably no. But again, seriously, we will buy your car. Whatever it is. Because at CarMax we buy all the cars. Did we mention that?

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Auto retailer makes big offer for Honda that appeared in funny video