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Arizona education: Where are our tax dollars going?


Are charter schools siphoning funds from our schools? How much state monies going to pay excessive management fees and no-bid contracts to relatives of charter school owners? Is this a rare case or is it the rule?

How does this impact public school funding in Arizona?

The Grand Canyon Institute, a non-profit think tank (not associated with The Think Tank) has just issued a troubling analytical report on this subject. George Cunningham of the GCI joins the show this week to discuss the institute’s report.

The Arizona Town Hall is working on issues concerning funding of Arizona schools. What are they likely to report?

Our expert panel?

  • George Cunningham: Grand Canyon Institute, former legislator, gubernatorial chief of staff
  • Chuck Essigs: Arizona School Business Officials, expert on all aspects of school finance.
  • Dick Foreman: Arizona Business and Education Coalition, comprised of equal numbers of educators and business executives.

Our 200th Think Tank takes up these and related issues.

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