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Video shows plane attempting to land during powerful storm in Germany

If you are already uncomfortable flying on airplanes, you might not want to watch this video.

A YouTube video showed a plane — a Eurowings Dash8 flight EW9203 from Bologna — attempting to land at Düsseldorf Airport in Germany during an intense storm.

The plane can be seen making its way to the runway as winds force it to pivot to the side. The plane eventually straightens out as it lands on the runway.

According to the video’s title, the storm that was forcing the plane to pivot was Storm Friederike, a powerful storm that has killed at least six people and caused massive amounts of damage.

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According to Reuters, Storm Friederike has swept across Germany in recent days, causing widespread damage such as blowing trucks off the road and uprooting trees.

Some experts say the storm has caused insured losses of up to 800 million euros, or $980 million.

Thousands of travelers were also been stranded after the damage closed local rail services.

At its peak, the storm recorded winds as high as winds reached 205 kilometers per hour, or 125 mph.

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