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How to talk to kids about death of Phoenix high school football player

After a Phoenix high school football player died one day after getting injured during a game, many Valley parents are left struggling with how to talk about the incident with their children.

But one local mental health expert said parents should not wait to communicate with kids about their feelings.

Dr. Alison Steier with the Phoenix-based Southwest Human Development said parents should look for changes in their child’s behavior, like sudden changes in sleep, mood or eating habits.

If parents notice any of those changes, they should bring up the incident in a non-formal, relaxed way to find out what their children know and how they are feeling about it, Steier added.

“[Talking with your kids about it is] better than them finding out in some other way that may be very inaccurate and very nerve-racking for them,” Steier said.

And once they open up about it, Steier said it might be a good idea to have them talk to a therapist or a counselor.

“I would be concerned that maybe they’re more effected by the event than you might have though previously,” she said.

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