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Busy parents need a plan if they want to eat healthy, Arizona dietitian says

In order for busy parents to be able to eat healthy, having a plan is important, according to local registered dietitian Jessica Lehmann.

“Planning ahead is the key,” Lehmann said. “Have some ready-made meals and snacks literally ready to grab. Ready to pack in a lunch-box.”

One time-saving suggestion Lehmann had is to make healthy meals over the weekend, which can be quickly remade throughout the week.

“Try to make a few batches of things just to have,” she said. “Whether its pasta, rice, lots of vegetables. You know, roast some salmon, cook some chicken … at least have a plan.”

It helps to also have a few emergency meals. One, quick easy food, Lehmann said, is eggs. They are a “great source of protein and can be combined with lots of different ingredients: Eggs and toast, eggs and rice, slice up some fruit — done.”

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