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Clarification: Police shooting story

In this Sept. 10, 2017 photo, Daniel Porubsky cries at a memorial for his brother William Porubsky in Stow, Ohio. William Porubsky was shot dead by a police officer less than a day after going to a hospital for drug and mental health issues. Friends and family of William Porubsky are wondering why he wasn't helped when they say police knew about his drug abuse and mental health issues. (AP Photo/Dake Kang)

STOW, Ohio (AP) — In some versions of a story Sept. 17 about a man shot dead by a police officer, The Associated Press said the man, William Porubsky, was picked up by police after wandering the streets looking to buy meth. While a friend says Porubsky had been looking to buy meth, the story should have made clear that officers encountered him after someone called complained he was knocking on doors and asking for cigarettes.

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