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What are the most popular baby names in Arizona?

Like any other trend, baby names see their popularity rise and fall throughout the years.

Depending on the location and culture, of course, different names hold different meanings. Through data released by the Social Security Administration, Huffington Post visualized the information of the top baby names for both boys and girls in 2016, and the results appeared somewhat regionally-driven.

Arizona’s most popular names were Liam for boys and Emma for girls.

Along with being the most popular in Arizona, Emma appeared most popular in a string of states starting in Texas, running north to South Dakota and then heading west through Wyoming, Idaho and Washington. It was also popular in Tennessee heading north through Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and into Pennsylvania.

Emma was also the most popular name for a baby girl in Maine.

For boys and girls, the south showed consistency in terms of naming its children.

William was the most popular name for baby boys in a cluster of states around the southeastern United States not including Louisiana or Florida, while Ava was the most popular girls baby name for a stretch of southern states from Arkansas and Louisiana running east to North Carolina.

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