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South says North Korea has fired another missile

FILE - In this Sept. 3, 2017, file photo, a man watches a TV news program on a public screen showing an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un while reporting North Korea's possible nuclear test in Tokyo. The top commander of U.S. nuclear forces says he assumes the Sept. 3 nuclear test by North Korea was a hydrogen bomb. Air Force Gen. John E. Hyton, commander of Strategic Command, told reporters that while he was not in position to confirm it, he assumes from the size of the underground explosion and other factors that it was a hydrogen bomb, which is a leap beyond the fission, or atomic, bombs North Korea has previously tested.(AP Photo/Eugene Hoshiko)

SEOUL, South Korea — South Korea’s military said North Korea fired an unidentified missile from its capital Pyongyang in a continuation of weapons tests following its sixth and most powerful nuclear test to date on Sept. 3.

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said Friday that the missile was launched from Sunan, the site of Pyongyang’s international airport.

The North last month used the airport to fire a Hwasong-12 intermediate range missile that flew over northern Japan in what it declared as a “meaningful prelude” to containing the U.S. Pacific island territory of Guam and the start of more ballistic missile launches targeting the Pacific Ocean.

South Korea’s Defense Ministry said the country’s military conducted a live-fire ballistic missile drill in response to the North’s launch.

South Korean President Moon Jae-in has scheduled a National Security Council meeting to discuss the launch.

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