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Phoenix schools, Sprint pair to get students internet access

(Sprint Photo)

PHOENIX — A Phoenix school district has partnered with cell service provider Sprint to make sure all its students have access to internet for homework assignments.

The partnership is part of the company’s nationwide 1Million project, which gives student a free smartphone, tablet or hotspot device that comes with free monthly data.

“This is an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how business and education can work together to help close the digital divide,” Greg Post, Sprint’s president of the Mountain Southwest region, said.

“We’re hopeful the 1Million project helps to bring opportunity to students and families in the Phoenix Union High School District.”

Parents seemed as if they were very excited about the new partnership.

“They help our students, and our community, we’ll have an overall better society,” said Rosa Dominguez, who has four school-age boys who were having to use her smartphone to complete their homework.

“With the students going in, they’ll be more tech-savvy and more hireable.”

Sprint estimated 5 million U.S. families with school-age kids do not have Internet access at home.

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