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Kristen Bell sings her heart out in Orlando to hurricane evacuees

The last thing anyone hunkered down in a emergency shelter as a storm blows through the state is a visit from a celebrity. But actress Kristen Bell sure surprised a lot people in Florida over the weekend.

The star of “Frozen” and other movies sang for a crowd in Orlando, riding out Hurricane Irma. Bell was in the area filming a movie, and was unable to leave before the storm hit.

Like thousands of others, the dynamo do-gooder made the best of it.

She stopped by Meadow Woods Middle School and sang for families.

She struck up friendships, did some flirting and played bingo with senior citizens who were evacuated to the hotel where she was staying.

Bell posted several pictures of the weekend activities to her Instagram account.

“Frozen” castmate Josh Gad gushed on social media that Bell rescued his family, also beached by the storm. She arranged accommodations for the group.

No wonder she’s a Disney star.

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