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Vogue highlights Phoenix as possible coffee capital of Southwest

(Public Domain Photo)

PHOENIX — This could be the caffeinated news you desperately needed on a Monday morning: Phoenix may soon be on the map as one of the country’s best coffee cities.

According to Vogue magazine, several of the city’s unique coffee joints may make it the place to grab a cup of joe in the Southwest.

Now, with a cluster of new indie cafés, Phoenix is poised to be the coffee capital of the Southwest. Inside these new spots, terms like seed-to-cup and fair trade are tossed around as often as sports scores or talk about the weather.

The magazine several factors contributed to putting the city on the java map. One of those was Press Cafe, which teaches customers how to make a great cup of coffee at home.

Another was Cartel Coffee Lab, whose coffee has begun to be served all around the city, in addition to its five Valley locations.

Most of the coffeehouses featured in Vogue were located in the downtown Phoenix area, including the beloved Jobot Coffee. The shop closed the doors on its original Fifth Street location last year, but has since reopened near Third and Roosevelt streets.

It’s worth noting that Vogue didn’t name other cities that could take the title, but that’s fine. We were going to give Phoenix the prize anyway.

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