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Valley pastor says regular dates could help repair failing marriages

(Photo by Wyatt Fisher/Flickr)

The secret to a “healthy and thriving” marriage may be simpler than most couples think.

Couples who want to strengthen their marriage while demonstrating a healthy relationship for their children should go on regular dates, according to Travis Brown, a former NFL quarterback and current pastor at CCV in Scottsdale.

“I think one of the greatest things that we can give to our kids is a healthy and thriving marriage,” Brown said. “There’s a sense of security in the home with the kids when the parents as a unit are healthy.”

Building a healthy relationship can be as simple as going on regular date nights and not saving them for special occasions, such as anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, he said.

“Get it on the calendar and make it a priority,” Brown said, adding that dates can be simple, such as taking a walk with your spouse or hanging outside on the porch while the kids play at home, but should be consistent.

“A date might lead to a little bit of conversation that might lead to another date, that leads to maybe something else that connects you guys,” Brown said, even if the dates are difficult at first.

Going on regular dates can help repair struggling marriages, but Brown stressed that it is important to remember that one solution might not be right for every relationship.

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