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YouTube prankster picks up girls in toy car at Arizona State University

The main campus of Arizona State University has long been a hotbed for public pranks, but this one might take the cake — or the car. A toy car, to be exact.

YouTube user ThatWasEpic posted a video on Aug. 30 titled “Picking Up Girls in a Toy Car” — where he did exactly that, picked up ASU students on their way to class in a toy Chevrolet Silverado. 

ThatWasEpic, whose real name is Juan Gonzalez, used the car to give students a ride to class and, in some cases, get their numbers.

The only thing that got in Gonzalez’s way of picking up girls was the university’s infamous “Walk-Only Zones,” in which the YouTuber got busted multiple times when the rules were enforced.

The video has more than 314,000 views on YouTube by Thursday afternoon, but it is just one of Gonzalez’s many public prank videos on the university’s Tempe campus.

Gonzalez’s most popular YouTube video, a 2015 video titled “Mr. Steal Your Girl” that has amassed nearly 5 million views, was also filmed on ASU’s campus and involved the creator and two other so-called pranksters trying to pick up people on campus.

Another YouTube creator, BigDawsTV, has also built a large following that stemmed from making public pranks on ASU’s Tempe campus. Dawson has more than 2.7 million subscribers on his main channel and nearly 500,000 subscribers on his daily video channel.

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