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Even the worst shows can help us celebrate TV’s 90 years

(AP File Photo)

A young man with a dream did something remarkable on this date 90 years ago, paving the way for countless hours spent on the sofa laughing, crying and cheering.

On Sept. 7, 1927, inventor Philo T. Farnsworth showed off his image dissector, the first all-electronic television system. Happy anniversary, TV!

We will skip the nerdtastic ins and outs of how exactly this was different from other techie TV efforts and just say it was a pretty big deal. And he accomplished this at the age of 21.

Fast-forward nearly a century and Farnsworth’s handiwork has been cause for praise and a lot of insults.

Let’s not blame the messenger. It’s not Farnsworth who was responsible for some really terrible ideas that were OK’d as shows. That’s like blaming Julia Child for all the unsubtle, deep-fry-the-kitchen-sink-too offerings at state fairs across the land.

Instead, we thank you, Mr. Farnsworth, for the miracle that is television and for all the joy it has brought.

Except from these shows:

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