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Flagstaff could ban some street parking to fight snow play traffic

(AP Photo/Josh Biggs)

PHOENIX — County leaders are considering a change to parking rules in Flagstaff that would prohibit cars being parked along some roads while people play in the snow.

The Arizona Daily Sun said Coconino County was mulling a seasonal parking ban for areas that see a lot of snow play-related gridlock, such as Fort Valley, Baderville, Kachina Village, Mountainaire and Munds Park.

The neighborhoods see a massive influx of traffic during the winter months. In addition to causing a traffic headache, Coconino County Civil Attorney Brian Furuya told the paper that people are building fires and leaving garbage behind on private property.

Some people playing in the snow have even asked to use homeowners’ bathrooms.

Furuya told the paper the parking problem could get worse this year after the popular Wing Mountain snow play area was closed last year.

Coconino County Sheriff Jim Driscoll said the parking ordinance would contribute to solving the larger issue of winter traffic problems in the northern Arizona city.

“It is one small piece of a large large problem,” Driscoll said. “The idea of how do you make 10,000 cars go away in an hour is very difficult, but if we can keep them from engaging early on in those behaviors we may be able to reduce it or mitigate it somewhat.”

Flagstaff was also exploring other traffic solutions this year, such as implementing fees or permits to use certain roads or an alternative access route between Highway 180 and Interstate 40.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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