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Arizonan Southern Baptists headed to help Harvey relief in Texas

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. — A group of 19 Arizona Southern Baptists are heading to Sugar Land, Texas in the Houston area to help people recover from catastrophic flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey.

Arizona Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Team leader Patty Kirchner says they’re taking 10,000 meals with them. Once they arrive in Texas they will help serve 30,000 meals each day.

“It’s just devastation everywhere. The church where we will set up, First Baptist Church in Sugarland, was relatively untouched and that’s why they’re a distribution and volunteer center,” Kirchner said. “Our volunteers come from all over Arizona.”

The first team will take a self-contained kitchen unit, shower trailer, generator trailer and mudout trailer containing equipment to work on homes that were flooded. When a second team deploys, it will take two more kitchen units and a supply trailer.

This is to be the first of a number of teams that will be deployed in 14-day rotations.

“I will be there a couple of weeks. This looks like a six-month call-out, and we will have teams rotating in and out during that time,” Kirchner said.

Some of the team members were in Louisiana following Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

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