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The Chuckbox in Tempe named Arizona’s ‘best college town food’

(Yelp photo)

Arizona’s signature food spot in a college town is The Chuckbox in Tempe, according to Tasting Table.

The Chuckbox has been known for hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, and the blog gave them high priase.

The Over 278 Sold sign might be the humblest brag of all, as local character Big Juan has been slinging mesquite charcoal-grilled burgers for decades. Try the Tijuana Torpedo, which is two patties stuffed with jalapeño Jack cheese and topped with a green chile.

Those signature mesquite broiled hamburgers include a relatively simple menu that features “The Great Big One,” “The Big One” and “The Little One.” The three variations range from a half-pound burger to one-fifth of a pound of burger.

The Chuckbox is located at 202 East University Drive two blocks east of Mill Avenue. They are open seven days a week, beginning at 10:30 a.m.

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