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Top selling cars and trucks in the US in August

Automakers reported U.S. sales of new vehicles in August on Friday. Here are the top sellers, the number of vehicles sold and the percent change from August 2016.

Vehicle Number sold Percent change from August 2016
Ford F-Series 77,007 15.0 percent
Chevrolet Silverado 54,448 3.9 percent
Toyota RAV4 43,265 30.4 percent
Ram 37,608 -6.6 percent
Toyota Camry 37,051 12.7 percent
Honda Civic 36,482 11.2 percent
Honda CR-V 30,960 -15.2 percent
Honda Accord 30,019 -0.3 percent
Nissan Rogue 29,844 -9.5 percent
Chevrolet Equinox 28,245 84.9 percent

Source: Autodata Corp.

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