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Monster trucks pull National Guard truck out of Harvey flooding

Sometimes, we can all use a little help.

That was likely the motto of some National Guard troops whose truck became trapped in flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey this week.

ABC News said the truck was stuck in floodwaters in Cooperfield, a part of northwest Houston when residents spotted some people who may have been able to help.

They were driving monster trucks.

Video posted online showed one monster truck was used to tow the National Guard vehicle through a portion of the flooding, but when it came to getting it fully back on dry land, a second monster truck was needed.

One of the truck owners, Josh James, said he and some friends from the Rednecks with Paychecks racing track decided to drive around Houston and help where they could.

That rescue effort quickly grew to more than 200 boats and 300 trucks — including some former military vehicles and others that are a high as 10 feet off the ground — driven by 600 people.

“We literally have people from all over,” James told ABC News.

James said he has the blood of a rescuer in him because his father and brother are both firefighters.

“When people need help and I can help, I’m out there,” he said.

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