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Arizona DPS spread throughout Valley on Labor Day weekend

(Twitter Photo/@Arizona_DPS)

PHOENIX — Despite being a long three-day holiday weekend, law enforcement statewide is not taking the weekend off.

In fact, departments from the smallest towns all the way up to the Department of Public Safety are staffing up and putting in overtime.

Whether it’s saturation patrols, enforcement patrols, or check points, law enforcement statewide is putting on a maximum effort aimed at catching intoxicated drivers and getting them off the road.

And according to Alberto Gutier, the Governor’s Highway Safety Representative, efforts are starting early and targeting the Valley.

“On Friday, Saturday, Sunday, even Monday, [DPS officers] will be spread [throughout the Valley],” Gutier said. “Phoenix Police has a number of locations they’ll be at. The Department of Public Safety will have all the metro squads from the four parts of the Valley also involved.”

It’s a deep effort to ensure the safest weekend possible for Valley drivers.

“They’re going to be out there,” Gutier said. “Officers from all over the state, 84 police agencies from throughout the state and, of course, the Department of Public Safety.”

Gutier says there are more options than ever open to people who’ve had too much to drink to get home safely.

“Don’t drive, call a taxi, call Uber, call Lyft, call a friend, but don’t drive, because the consequences are tremendous.”