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Plane isolated in Las Vegas after Ebola concerns, all clear given

PHOENIX — Authorities in Las Vegas reportedly isolated a plane at McCarran International Airport on Friday after a passenger complaint prompted an Ebola concern.

Passenger on the flight, Frank Esposito and Sasha Sabapathy, were giving play by play accounts of the situation on their Twitter accounts.

They said the Delta Airlines flight from New York City to Las Vegas was detained after two passengers said they were feeling ill.

After nearly two hours passengers were allowed off the plane and all was cleared.

Sasha had made everyone aware in the time leading up to being given the OK to get off the plane.

Sabapathy said authorities were on the scene, but passengers were not kept well-informed.

She said she was on the plane with her boss, Frank Esposito, who was also keeping the Internet posted on the situation.

Based on Sabapathy’s tweets, the plane was detained more than an hour.