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What is the matter with the Democratic Party?

(AP and Mike O'Neil Photos)

Bennet Kelly was the founder of the Saxophone Club, a young Democrat fundraising arm of former President Bill Clinton’s campaign in 1992.

He is still a Democrat. Young? Not so much.

Chuck Coughlin is an Arizona-based Republican consultant and longtime adviser to U.S. Sen. John McCain.

The real topic is “What is the matter with our politics?” The answers to that question, however, are so numerous that we could not cover them in a single week.

This week we start out with Kelly’s assessment of what is wrong with his Democratic Party. Coughlin talked about the Republican Party’s problems last week.

The Democrats have gotten themselves completely out of power. Republicans control the presidency, both houses of Congress and most state legislatures and governorships and, as a result, most judicial appointments have been made by Republicans.

Furthermore, the Democrats face a split even in these reduced ranks. Are the traditional and Bernie Sanders-supporting wings destined to consume one another?

What is the core message of the Democratic Party? Who does it appeal to?

What are their prospects for returning to power?

All this and more on this week’s Think Tank.