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Study: Men feel equal struggle balancing work and family

PHOENIX — According to a new study, both women and men report nearly equal struggles to balance their work and family time.

The review of hundreds of studies reveals half of men report they’d like to stay with kids compared to 56-percent of women.

Travis Brown, pastor at Christ’s Church of the Valley in Scottsdale, said he tells both moms and dads to be realistic.

“I think the false notion that people have is ‘I’m not giving my family the same amount of time as I’m giving my work,’” said Brown, who is also a former NFL quarterback. “That’s impossible.

“If you work from eight to five, you don’t have nine more hours in the day to give to family.”

Instead, Brown recommends the time you do have at home, be present.

“Instead of balanced time, give them your energy and your focus and your effort,” he said. “That will offset the unbalance of time.”

That means when you are home, no work emails or social media — put the phone down.

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