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Eyes on Parenting: Teaching your kids how and when to call 911

It’s just you and your small child … alone. Suddenly, you grab your chest and fall to the ground. What will your little one do?

“I think it’s important just to talk to them,” said Ashley Losch of the Glendale Fire Department.

Parents should talk to their kids about how, and when to call 911.

“When there’s a medical emergency, when there’s a fire, when there’s something seriously going on, that’s when we need to call 911,” she said.

Take the time to explain the different kinds of emergencies and then show them how to call.

“We also need to talk to them about not using when it’s not an emergency,” she said.

Break down the consequences for abusing the responsibility, and let them know the police will immediately know if you prank call 911.

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