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Animal expert handles black widow spider on video

PHOENIX — The on-camera host of a YouTube channel called “Brave Wilderness” went outside his Tucson home and willingly handled a black widow spider in his hands.

The man appropriately goes by Coyote Peterson and went on a hunt outside his home in southern Arizona to find one of the infamously venomous spiders. After a brief search, he found one.

“To really disprove that the black widow is just out there to bite you, I’m going to let it walk on my hands and on my arms and hopefully not take a bite,” Peterson said in the video.

Peterson successfully handled the arachnid for some time without suffering a bite. He did, however, get some spider web on him.

He did the experiment “in an attempt to prove that this widely feared arachnid is actually rather docile and always more interested in avoiding humans than inflicting a bite,” according to the video’s description.

Don’t try that one at home.

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