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Totally tech: Nine electronic gift ideas for Father’s Day

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More and more great electronic equipment with new capabilities goes on the market every day and a lot of it could make a smart gift for your dad on Father’s Day.

Here are just a few ideas you might not have thought about:


Headphones are often a necessity for anyone who travels a lot by airplane. Bose QuietComfort 35 noise-cancelling headphones ($379) are not a small investment, of course.

Bose makes cheaper models, but this model also has Bluetooth capabilities, meaning you won’t be tied up in wires.


A couple of 10-ounce cans (about $20) of Dust-Off Disposable Compressed Gas Duster so dad can blow dust and debris off his keyboard.


A mini-size emergency portable charger or portable battery is a possibility for dad’s smartphone or camera ($11 to $14), available from lots of companies, including Veho or Anker. They’re about the size of lipstick or candy bar, so they’re easy to pack in a briefcase or a backpack for camping trips or a vacation or wherever.

There are portable solar chargers for smart phones and cameras, too, from Dizaul and Matone ($20).

Health tools

What if dad has health issues and should take his blood pressure daily? Make that easier and less cumbersome with a QardioArm blood pressure monitor ($99).

He can put the portable, digital blood pressure cuff on his arm, and his smart phone will give him a reading. It works with health apps too, such as Apple’s HealthKit.


What about a very small, very bright LED flashlight that’s a device dad can carry with him everywhere he travels? Lots of them are for sale for under $20.

Smart technology

Help dad to plunge into the world of smart technology with an Amazon Echo Dot (about $50) with Alexa. It’s a hands-free, voice-controlled device with a small built-in speaker.

He can use it to operate his home’s smart devices, play music, make phone calls, serve as a general entertainment device and a lot more. It can even read books.


If dad listens to music while working out or while doing weekend projects and chores, then he may need more than the usual pair of earbuds – you know, the kind that keep falling out of your ears all the time. The SMS Biosport Earbuds ($80) could be the right gift. They’re sweat and water-resistant.

He also can click back and forth between music and phone calls.


If your father is interested in using tech-savvy tools for household jobs, consider a DeWalt self-leveling line laser ($160). It’s great for hanging pictures, crown molding, mirrors and shelves and cabinets. It comes with a magnetic bracket.

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