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Man drowns trying to enter cave located behind Havasupai waterfall

(Wikimedia Commons Photo/Gonzo_fan2007)

SUPAI, Ariz. — A Utah man has drowned on the Havasupai Reservation while trying swim into a cave behind a waterfall.

Mark Magleby, 36, of Orem, Utah, died Monday at Beaver Falls, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office said. His death marked the second drowning in Coconino County during the Memorial Day weekend, after an 18-year-old man from Mesa drowned Saturday at Lake Mary south of Flagstaff.

The Havasupai Waterfalls, a popular tourist destination, is comprised of five falls that channel clear, turquoise water into Havasu Creek. Tourists hike 10 miles downhill from the trailhead at Hualapai Hilltop and endure an altitude change of 2,400 feet before reaching the falls.

Hikers who wish to visit the falls must make reservations at a campground before hiking in Havasupai Reservation. Beaver Falls is the most remote of Havasupai Waterfalls, and it requires a 7-mile roundtrip hike from the campground.

People trying to enter the cave must dive into several feet of water before reaching its entrance. It’s unclear whether Magleby, who was at the waterfall with a group of friends, succeeded in entering the cave.

A friend dived into the water after Magleby, but was unable to see him. Magleby’s body was later recovered.

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