Americans can thank FBI, CIA for luxury of being desensitized to terror attacks

May 24, 2017, 12:45 PM
Tributes are seen outside the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Bri...

Tributes are seen outside the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Britons will find armed troops at vital locations Wednesday after the official threat level was raised to its highest point following a suicide bombing that killed more than 20, as new details emerged about the bomber. (AP Photo/Dave Thompson)

(AP Photo/Dave Thompson)

This week, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) weighed in on the tragic loss of life in Manchester, England.

There are two parts of his statement that really jumped out to me.

First, he said that “[Monday]’s horrific attack in Manchester was a gruesome reminder that the world is on fire.”

I disagree with this. I don’t think it was a reminder that our world is on fire. I think it was an example of how we are completely desensitized to terrorist activities at this point.

Go ahead and flip through any of the cable news networks today and you’ll see stories about the President Donald Trump’s budget, FBI investigations and so on.

You might catch a sprinkling of information about the bombing, but the story is dying its own tragic death in the media.

Let’s face it: As a nation, we only care if it happens on our soil. The media has tried its best to get us to really care about this terrorist act by plastering pictures of a young victim on the front cover of every publication.

Sadly, it didn’t hold our interest because we have become desensitized to terror attacks.

The second thing that stuck out to me from McCain’s statement about the bombing was the comment about the national security.

“When it comes to the great national security challenges we face, U.S. policy and strategy are consistently lacking,” he said.

Usually, when it comes to these things, I roll my eyes at McCain because it usually has to do with funding for some sort of military action.

But this was different. There was no mention of funding. If anyone has a solid grip on strategy and national security, it would be McCain. This is his wheelhouse.

But can we blame the CIA and FBI? They become political ping-pong balls for both parties. They’ve become presidential punching bags.

There’s a reason why we become desensitized to terrorist activity: Our intelligence community and our men and women in uniform have been keeping us safe. They’ve been keeping our borders and soil free from major terror activity.

Through all of the bad press, through all of the political wrangling and abuse the CIA and FBI have been receiving, they still have done their job and kept us safe from major terror activity.

For that, they should be commended. Not brutalized in the media.

Michael Russell

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Americans can thank FBI, CIA for luxury of being desensitized to terror attacks