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Website names Tempe one of nation’s best places to start career

(Flickr Photo/Martin Ely)

PHOENIX — An analysis of various “career-friendliness indicators” found that Tempe, Ariz. is among WalletHub’s “Best Places to Start a Career” for 2017.

The college town and suburb of Phoenix ranked fifth overall on the list which uses a single numerical score to rank the 150 largest cities in the U.S. The highest score possible was 100, where 70 possible points were awarded for criteria regarding “professional opportunities,” and the other 30 points were awarded for metrics measuring “quality of life.”

Tempe finished 19th in the professional opportunities ranking but third place in the nation for quality of life.

According to a report by the city itself, the top five employers in Tempe for 2016 were Arizona State University, Wells Fargo, State Farm, US Airways and SRP.

The list also featured the overall ranking of Arizona’s other big cities, like Scottsdale (No. 18), Chandler (No. 40), Mesa (No. 64), Gilbert (No. 77), Peoria (No. 83), Glendale (No. 87), Phoenix (No. 95) and Tucson (No. 101).

The worst place to start a career, according WalletHub, is Newark, New Jersey.

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