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Arizona ranks among worst states nationwide for working moms, study finds

(Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski)

PHOENIX — Arizona has ranked among the worst states in the nation for working mothers, a recent study found.

According to the personal finance website WalletHub, Arizona ranked 48th in the nation for working moms.

The state ranked at or below average in a majority of categories or factors used to determine its overall ranking. The three categories scored that gave Arizona the 48th spot were child care, professional opportunities and work-life balance.

While Arizona took home 48th for work-life balance and 46th for professional opportunities for working moms, the state’s highest category — child care — put it only at 43rd in the nation, including Washington, D.C.

Arizona did not rank much better in the metrics used to determine those categories, ranking at or below average for all but two of them.

The state ranked 25th, average, for child care costs, 26th for ratio of female to male executives, 30th for percent of single mom families in poverty, 31st for median women’s salary and 35th for average length of a woman’s workday.

Arizona fell way short in three other categories, ranking 38th for female unemployment rate, 40th for parental leave policies and 44th for gender pay gap.

The state only ranked above average in two categories: pediatricians per capita, at 17th in the nation, and day care quality, taking home 21st in the nation.

The top states in the nation for working moms included Vermont, Minnesota, New Jersey, Delaware and Connecticut. Alaska, Nevada, Louisiana and Alabama joined Arizona in the worst states for working moms.

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