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Fashion don’t: Federal agents stop Arizona woman at border with heroin hidden in jeans

(U.S. Customs and Border Protection Photo)

Those pants did not stretch enough. Federal agents at the Arizona-Mexico border this week arrested a woman they said had strapped nearly 3 pounds of heroin in the back of her jeans.

The unidentified 47-year-old Arizonan was on the pedestrian lanes at the Nogales crossing on Tuesday when she was stopped then arrested on attempted smuggling charges.

The drugs were estimated to be worth more than $45,000.

It was one of four drug-related seizures U.S. Customs and Border Protection made at the entry port that day.

Earlier, a 38-year-old woman from Peoria, Arizona, was arrested on her way back into the country driving an SUV authorities said contained almost 22 pounds of methamphetamine. They were valued at $65,000.

A 40-year-old man from Nogales was also taken into custody after a K-9 drug sniffer reacted to a sedan. Officers said they found 31 pounds of meth and over 2 pounds of cocaine.

The drugs were valued at $123,000.

A young woman from Rio Rico, Arizona, driving a sedan was flagged for closer inspection when a K-9 drug sniffer made a detection. Officers said they found over 10 pounds of heroin worth more than $178,000.

All the suspects were turned over to Homeland Security.

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