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Arizona State student goes viral after using vodka bottles to measure microwave

PHOENIX — For two years in a row, Arizona State University has been ranked No. 1 in innovation, and this student’s viral Facebook post is just one example of why the school deserved the top honor.

Mat George, a 21-year-old senior at the university, posted a photo of his sister’s microwave on a private Facebook group for students at Arizona State.

As most students do, George was trying to make some money off of the unwanted item and get it out of his hair before the school year ended.

“My sister has left her microwave in my room since August. I’ve asked her multiple times to get it and she hasn’t. So now I’m selling it. Message me if you’re interested,” he said about the $25 microwave — not a bad price, either.

(Turns out, his sister and the microwave’s proper owner, according to Buzzfeed, didn’t exactly authorize the sale.)

But when a prospective buyer was interested in the dimensions of the item, George realized that he didn’t have a tape measure.

So he did what any true Arizona State University student would do: Use a couple of bottles of New Amsterdam vodka.



The microwave, turns out, is about as tall as a fifth of Berry-flavored New Amsterdam and is about as long as a fifth of Berry- and Mango-flavored New Amsterdam.

While the post has only been reacted to 51 times with ten comments, George’s response has been “liked” 120 times since it was posted on April 4.

The sale even went viral on Twitter after 21-year-old Arizona State student Rachel Sakelaris posted about it. Her status, as of Thursday, has been retweeted nearly 10,000 times and “liked” nearly 60,000 times.

Students were quick to tout the school’s most-referenced honor.

However, despite all of the popularity, the microwave is still for sale.

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