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Gov. Ducey on wall: ‘Border security is good for Arizona’

In this Jan. 11, 2016, file photo, Arizona Republican Gov. Doug Ducey presents his State of the State address, in Phoenix, Ariz. (AP Photo/Rick Scuteri, File)
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PHOENIX — As Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey prepares to welcome Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday to tour the U.S.-Mexico border, he voiced support for public safety in the ongoing debate over border protections.

Following President Donald Trump’s continued promises to build a wall along the border, Ducey was asked whether he thought companies bidding over the wall’s construction was good for Arizona’s economy.

“I think border security is good for Arizona,” he replied. “We made a decision through this campaign that there’s going to be a wall, there’s going to be a fence, there’s going to be a physical barrier, there’s going to be man-power down on the border.

“If an Arizona company’s in that business, I think they ought to bid on it.”

Ducey was also asked about using technology other than plain old brick-and-mortar to provide security.

“Two-thirds of the border (in Arizona) already has some type of wall or physical barrier,” Ducey said. “And I’ve long thought that we could use technology in a way that would help us have that deterrent, a way that prevents people who we don’t want coming in from coming in and increase the safety.”

As for the visit with Sessions, the former senator and now-cabinet member will start his visit in Nogales in the morning. After that, he’ll speak in both Litchfield Park and Luke Air Force Base.

“The first thing I’m going to do is listen to what policy he’s here to try to implement and see how I can be helpful,” Ducey said. “But I also want him to know … that Arizona’s been through this immigration debate. We’ve been talking border security for some time.

“I think people in our state are very warm, welcoming and inviting to people, but we do have a real concern about public safety and crime. This issue of opioids and human traffic and drug smuggling is very real to all of us as parents, as citizens. And so much of it is happening on the border and that’s what the fence and the wall, the physical barrier, should focus on.”

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