Cuteness overload reaches maximum on National Puppy Day

Mar 23, 2017, 11:16 AM
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What has fuzzy little legs and creates waves of happy squealing wherever they go? Puppies!

It’s National Puppy Day. March 23 means tons of adorableness and cuteness featuring those babies all over the place.

Let’s see who is going crazy with the love for puppies on social media, starting with Arizona’s rescue pooch in training, Ava, up at Snowbowl in Flagstaff:

Know who else loves puppies? Game-face NBA players, such as former Arizona State star James Harden:

Big ol’ professional hockey players:

Although not exactly everyone, say, the Phoenix Suns who played for various Wildcats in college, was on board:

But the military appreciates cute puppies, too:

The day was established in 2006 to help drive pet adoptions. Lifestyle expert Colleen Paige started the celebration to get pet lovers to opt to give orphaned dogs a home.

And here are a few minutes of puppies being break-your-face-from-smiling-so-big awesome:

You are welcome.

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Cuteness overload reaches maximum on National Puppy Day