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Fan-made ‘The Last Jedi’ trailer fakes out ‘Star Wars’ fans online


If you have been on social media at all the past few days, you’ve probably caught the new trailer for the latest “Star Wars” film, “The Last Jedi.”

While the trailer makes the upcoming film look amazing, there is a Death Star-sized problem with it: It’s not an official trailer.

The preview posted by the “Star Wars : The Last Jedi” Facebook page over the weekend was put together by some fans who are clearly excited for the film. The trailer, created by a YouTube user, received millions of views and hundreds of thousands of shares since the page posted it on Saturday.

While we admit we almost took the bait at first, we did notice a few things, such as the extensive use of older footage from the films, the only parts that looked never featured the face of one of the main characters and the distinct lack of the iconic “Star Wars” theme song.

But we don’t want to sound like we’re bashing the trailer! It clearly took a lot of work to put together and got us hyped for the actual trailer, which is expected to be released some time next month.

The actual “Lost Jedi” film will serve as the sequel to “The Force Awakens,” the movie that took the box office by storm in December 2015 and launched the “Star Wars” craze anew.

“The Last Jedi” will continue to follow the adventures of Luke Skywalker — and maybe his descendants — on their adventures through the galaxy. The internet, always a treasure trove of spies with details and rumors, has been silent on plot details.

Disney — which owns the franchise — is planning to release a new movie each year for the foreseeable future.

The films will alternate between the traditional franchise (think the original “New Hope” or the newer “Revenge of the Sith”) and will be somehow related to the Skywalkers. On the off years, Disney will release standalone movies related to the “Star Wars” universe, such as “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” or the upcoming as-of-yet-unnamed Han Solo film set for release in 2018.

“The Last Jedi” is scheduled to be released on Dec. 15.

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