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Celebrate National Oreo Cookie Day on Monday by indulging in Oreo cookies

Grab a nice, cold glass of milk and as many Oreo cookies as you can eat, because National Oreo Cookie Day is on Monday.

National Oreo Cookie Day falls on March 6 because the cookie was introduced to the public 104 years ago, on March 6, 1912.

And more than 100 years later, the cookie still has a huge influence on the American culture.

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The cookie, with its two chocolate disks containing a sweet cream filling in the middle, is owned by Nabisco and is the best-selling cookie in the United States.

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It was first developed and produced as the Oreo biscuit in 1912 at the company’s Chelsea factory in New York City, and the block that the factory was located on was known as Oreo Way.

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Other fun facts about the Oreo cookie: It was first trademarked in 1912, originally under the biscuit name before changing to a cookie, and the first cookies sold in the United States cost 25-cents per pound. The cookies were also served in a clear glass topped novelty can.

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In 1948, the Oreo sandwich was renamed the Oreo cream sandwich, and, in 1952, William A. Turner developed the modern-day Oreo design to include the Nabisco logo.

Today, lovers of sweet treats can purchase Oreos in dozens of flavors, including limited editions like birthday cake, Peeps and cookie dough. The cookies can also be purchased around the world, in multiple varieties.

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