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Tucson tamale shop named best cheap eats spot in Arizona

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PHOENIX — If you’re looking to score some cheap eats for dinner on Monday night, you may want to leave the office a little early.

According to Travel and Leisure, the best place to have a great meal in Arizona for just a few dollars is the Tucson Tamale Company, which has three locations in the southern Arizona city.

Of course, the drive to Tucson will eat up some gas, but given the prices on the menu, it may be worth it.

Travel and Leisure spoke with Ali Khan, host of the Cooking Channel’s “Cheap Eats,” to make its list. He said he recommends ordering the two-tamale plate for $7.69.

“Though these aren’t the cheapest tamales I have had, they do come with an Alton Brown tweet of approval,” Khan told the publication.

Khan said he would order a green chili pork and a green corn tamale for his two-item plate, which, if you ask us, sounds pretty amazing. We’ll take a few!

For those who would prefer to eat their tamales within an hour’s drive of home, Tucson Tamale Company does ship its food. It costs $108 for a box of 30 tamales, though some smaller options are also available.