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Jimmy Kimmel continues to mess with Matt Damon at Oscars

Jimmy Kimmel seized the opportunity of hosting the Oscars by using the big stage to continue giving Matt Damon a hard time.

The two have a long and complicated history of going back and forth. It’s all a joke, of course, but that didn’t stop Kimmel from bringing the bit to the Oscars.

It started with Kimmel needing an example of how to bury the hatchet with someone he disagrees with. Before saying Damon’s name the crowd already laughed and knew who Kimmel was referring to.

Kimmel gave Damon credit and various compliments all while jabbing him with insults here and there.

That was just the beginning.

In a segment that aired with different movies and guests throughout the show, Kimmel jokingly praised Damon’s ‘We Bought A Zoo.’

Kimmel talked about how immersive his experience was watching the film since no one else was in the theater with him.

Later in the show, he was it again. This time, being revealed as the man behind the music to play people off the stage when they need to wrap up their speech, but Damon was actually presenting an award with Ben Affleck.

The standout moment was when Affleck began talking, the music would stop, only for it to come back the next time Damon talked at an even higher volume.

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