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Arizona-based church hosts conference to bring together community members, leaders

(Facebook/Central Christian Church | Arizona)

PHOENIX — In a time of divisiveness and hostility, one Arizona-based church is looking to use a Valley-wide conference on Friday to promote peace and bring people together.

Central Christian Church will host a conference that focuses on peace at all five of its Valley locations — which are located in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Glendale and Ahwatukee — starting at 6 p.m. Friday night.

The conference is called Peace: Meet at the Table and will “feature everyday peacemakers as they work to create peace in their community,” according to the website.

It will feature video presentations, discussions and panels that will allow community members and community leaders to “share perspectives on community conflicts” and give a platform to those who feel as though they do not have a voice.

The conference will cover a range of issues, from the feelings of those in the Middle East to the racial injustices and familial conflicts facing those on American soil. Guests can discuss their impressions and feelings about what they’ve seen and heard while the event is streamed worldwide to an audience of thousands.

Jason Ake, the church’s creative director, said there are some key lessons and principles that church officials hope attendees take away from Friday’s conference.

“Peace is such a broad term, but there are some overlying principles that come up time and again in discussions about it,” Ake said. “At the end of the day, it’s about uniting people in pursuit of a common good, and that’s what we’re hoping folks will take away.”

Ake said church officials “want people to become everyday peacemakers in their own neighborhoods and homes.”

Those who want to participate in the conference can purchase tickets for $30 and register online.

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